Marketing Team

Our Purpose
To promote the vision and growth of New Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church as a Christian based community church and to bring people to the knowledge, wisdom, and love of Christ Jesus to all who come to know us.

Description of Ministry
The marketing Ministry serves the Pastor, staff, auxiliaries, committees and members of new Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, as well as our surrounding community by using modern methods of advertising. We provide this through print, electronics, photography and video services to assist The Mount in leadership and ministries in reaching internal and external audiences.

As a ministry, the Marketing Ministry utilizes our gifts and ability to promote and market our church in an effective way of fulfilling the Great Commission in a new, unique and modern way:

In order to serve our church more effectively with programs and events, please submit your requests as early as three months ahead of time; however, no later than one month, to allow the Marketing Ministry enough time for preparation of design of banners (inside and outside), postcards, inserts, newspaper ads, e-blasts, radio broadcasts,newsletters (mailed to our community), video filming, sponsorship of community events, brochures, website ads, special flyers, newsletters for distribution to community and special marketing giveaways. The following items are needed for preparation: theme, speaker, place, date, time, description of program and how this program will be in the best interests of the church.